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IFI Global media provides the global investment industry with independent research & analysis on critical issues which will determine the future shape of the asset management business



IFI Global is building a podcast library for alternative fund business. Interviews are conducted with leaders in the industry including in fund & risk governance, ESG as well as in the range of areas covered by SIS: fund domiciliation, independent directors, ManCos & service providers.

SII Sustainable Investment Intelligence

Sustainable investment analysis & expertise. SII specialises in sustainable investment for institutions & other professional investors. The publication includes an Environmental Investment Monitor which focuses on allocations by institutional investors to the main sustainable investment sectors as well as the funds covering those areas.

There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

Renewables : Another dotcom bubble?

Investment into all forms of clean energy, especially renewables, is breaking records. Too much capital is now chasing too few investable projects. This is beginning to cause problems.

Net zero not possible

Analysis from the IMF shows that the world is nowhere near meeting its interim 2030 targets, to reach net zero by 2050. The IMF reports that emission cuts of 50% are needed on 2019 levels by 2030 but only 11% will be achieved.

Sustainable fund governance report

Some of the fast-growing sustainable sectors lack the governance structures that are standard in the rest of the investment industry. There is a growing need for service providers and independent directors with experience in these sectors.

The Tracker

ManCo intelligence & changes to European fund structures. The Tracker specialises in the impact of regulatory change & Brexit on the European fund industry. It is the only publication that regularly covers ManCo development across the EU fund centres. 


There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

Sustainable sector investing

Investment into the main sustainable sectors is growing rapidly. Allocating to these sustainable sectors avoids the ESG baggage, which is becoming problematic. Sustainable sector investing could develop into its own asset class.

Growing macro risk

Macro risks are growing. Are those with fund risk oversight responsibilities at ManCos and fund boards ready for what may well be dramatic period in the markets this autumn? The Tracker looks at macro issues that could destabilise markets.

Fund Structuring Tracker

The Tracker is launching a service to monitor developments in the use of European fund structures by US managers. It also monitors changes in domiciliation selection and distribution arrangements by US managers, as well as use of ManCos.


Advice & intelligence for US managers going offshore or coming to Europe. FSI is for US managers & their advisors looking for independent intelligence on fund structuring matters when expanding overseas. 


There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

Selection Trends Report

The NED’s fifth Selection Trends Report. It is a quarterly review of trends in the selection of independent fund directors as well as of ManCos, service providers and fund domiciles.

Renewable investment problems

Record levels of investment are going into renewable energy, especially solar. But it is still not sufficient to achieve net zero goals by 2050. Also, solar and wind are highly volatile, risky investment categories which are often dependent on state subsidies.

Good Governance Guide: Domiciliation

A report on the governance standards at the main international fund jurisdictions, focusing on: Cayman, Guernsey, Ireland, Jersey and Luxembourg. There can be some variability in standards across these jurisdictions which investors should be aware of.

Macro Weekly

Macro-economic & geopolitical analysis for the investment industry. IFI Global’s Macro Weekly focuses on the impact of macro-economic & geopolitical events on the fund industry & its investors.


There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

A big shock for global markets from Japan

The Bank of Japan said that it is going to loosen its yield curve control (YCC) policy, without giving markets  any prior indication that it was going to do this.

A good year so far for crypto

2023 is turning out to be a much better year for crypto currencies, after many well documented disasters in 2022 .

More disappointment from Germany

The IMF warned last week that Germany will be the worst-performing major economy in the world this year as its manufacturing sector remains under pressure .


The only publication devoted to fund & risk governance. The NED focuses on governance for investors as well as for those who serve on fund boards & asset managers. It covers director selection issues in detail as well as the governance challenges in emerging asset classes like digital and the sustainable investment sectors. View our Director Database.


There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

Market evolution

The concluding section of The NED’s Good Governance Guide focuses on independent fund directors. It looks at the different categories of independents who sit on fund boards and reviews developments in capacity, skills, professionalism and transparency since The NED launched in 2011.

Domiciliation and digitalisation

A review of developments in the domiciliation of digital funds, with a particular focus on tokenisation. Also, a look at the similarities and differences international jurisdictions are taking to the regulation of digital funds.

Growth & future

The growth in professional fund directors over the last 13 years has comfortably outpaced the increase in funds that have been launched over this period. That growth is tailing off and there are likely to be big changes coming in terms of both numbers and skills.

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