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IFI Global media provides the global investment industry with independent research & analysis on critical issues which will determine the future shape of the asset management business



IFI Global is building a podcast library for alternative fund business. Interviews are conducted with leaders in the industry including in fund & risk governance, ESG as well as in the range of areas covered by SIS: fund domiciliation, independent directors, ManCos & service providers.

ESG Report

Sustainable investment analysis & expertise. The ESG Report specialises in sustainable investment for institutions & other professional investors. The publication includes an Environmental Investment Monitor which focuses on allocations by institutional investors to the main sustainable investment sectors as well as the funds covering those areas.

There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

Environmental Investment Monitor

The ESG Report has launched the EIM to track changes in allocations to the main sustainable investment sectors and to research the pros and cons of allocating to each area. Contact Samantha Taylor for details

The EIM’s first allocation report

The allocations from the world’s largest pension funds to the main sustainable investment sectors (renewables, water, biodiversity, forestry and waste), from the Environmental Investment Monitor. Includes the new sectors institutions are investing in this year.

Biodiversity special report

The biodiversity crisis is every bit as serious as the climate one, many scientists believe. There is overlap between the two but there are differences as well. Until recently, the biodiversity crisis had largely been ignored by investors but that is now changing.

The Tracker

ManCo intelligence & changes to European fund structures. The Tracker specialises in the impact of regulatory change & Brexit on the European fund industry. It is the only publication that regularly covers ManCo development across the EU fund centres. 


There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

US interest in Europe grows

IFI Global’s Selection Intelligence Service unit has recorded a greater level of interest in Europe from US alternative managers than was the case over the equivalent period in 2022.

Wanted: sustainable fund directors

Managers in funds focusing on the key environmental investment sectors are having trouble finding independent directors with the right skill sets.

Recession in Germany

The German economy is in recession. This will have a negative impact on the EU’s growth prospects and acerbate north-south tensions in the eurozone.


Advice & intelligence for US managers going offshore or coming to Europe. FSI is for US managers & their advisors looking for independent intelligence on fund structuring matters when expanding overseas. 


There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

ESG: the growing manager downgrade

More evidence that fund managers are downgrading their ESG commitments is coming to light. On top of Vanguard’s decision to pull out of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative other managers are also trying to reduce their ESG presence without losing face.

Directors’ risk responsibilities

Danger signals are currently flashing red across multiple markets. Is this a matter that NEDs can leave to their funds’ portfolio managers to focus on? Or is it something that should concern them too? If so, what should they be doing?

ManCos: what are US managers looking for?

FSI has been looking at what US managers focus on when selecting ManCos in Ireland and Luxembourg. Which area of the market the manager is in size, and its size are often critial in determining this.

Macro Weekly

Macro-economic & geopolitical analysis for the investment industry. IFI Global’s Macro Weekly focuses on the impact of macro-economic & geopolitical events on the fund industry & its investors.


There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

Renewables: good news from the UK

Renewable energy usage is growing at a rapid rate - and faster than many forecast just a few years ago, especially in the UK.

US debt default watch

In follow-up to last week's Macro Weekly, which led on this topic, no progress had been made in reaching an agreement between the Biden Administration and Congress on raising the US Debt limit. 

Report suggests many US banks are insolvent

It is calculated that the market value of loan portfolios of US banks is $2 trillion lower than the stated book value.


The only publication devoted to fund & risk governance. The NED focuses on governance for investors as well as for those who serve on fund boards & asset managers. It covers director selection issues in detail as well as the governance challenges in emerging asset classes like digital and the sustainable investment sectors. View our Director Database.


There are both individual & group corporate subscription rates. Please contact Tamara Sims for details.

Environmental risk

Paradoxically, as the ESG craze fades so the importance of environmental investing grows. Funds that cannot demonstrate that they have taken environmental risk factors into account will struggle to raise capital. Environmental risk has come to non-ESG funds.

Climate VaR for boards

There’s been a lot of progress in measuring the impact of climate change on investors’ portfolios recently, particularly on physical assets. Climate VaR is emerging as the standard to assess climate risk. Fund boards will likely come to rely on Climate VaR as much as they do on standard VaR.

Selection trends report

The latest quarterly update on independent fund director selection trends, from IFI Global’s Selection Intelligence Service. It shows that the trend to specialisation in director selection from funds in emerging asset classes is growing.

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