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How it works:

IFI Global researchers give managers tailored short lists to meet their search criteria (ie independent directors, ManCos, service providers or jurisdictions).

All information provided by SIS is confidential. Names of managers using SIS are not revealed – and nor are the entities selected by IFI Global for its shortlists.

There is no charge to managers using SIS for the first time. Regular users, however, need to be corporate subscribers to access SIS. Subscribers also receive:

1) SIS’s Selection Trends Report

SIS publishes a quarterly selection report with proprietary and industry data on manager selection trends.

2) SIS’s Manager Advisory Alerts

These alerts include information on upcoming regulatory or industry developments which might affect managers’ selection decisions.

The NED’s database of independent fund directors which is shared with users of IFI Global’s Selection Intelligence Service. The database includes those who qualify for The NED’s top echelon ‘Green’ rated directors.

SIS Fund Directors

IFI Global’s media regularly publish reports on fund domiciliation, especially in FSI, its publication for US managers expanding overseas. IFI Global also hosts events and conducts research on fund domiciliation. This information is shared with users of SIS looking for help with their domiciliation selection decisions.

SIS Fund Domiciles

The Tracker follows developments at ManCos very closely. It has a database of the leading EU ManCos with a combined AUM of $1.1 trillion in third party funds. The Tracker also publishes a ManCo Guide for managers. This information is shared with SIS users looking to select a third party ManCo.

SIS ManCos

SIS focuses upon fund industry service providers, such as administrators, with an ESG capability. The ESG Report conducts an annual survey of fund industry service providers and much of this information is shared with SIS.

SIS service providers

Helping managers find the right partners for their funds

Selection Intelligence Service (SIS) is for managers and their advisors looking for independent intelligence on fund jurisdictions, independent directors, third party ManCos and industry service providers. It is often used by US managers looking for advice when coming to Europe or going offshore but is open to all.

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