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Sustainable investment analysis & expertise


Macro-economic & geopolitical analysis for the investment industry


The only publication devoted to alternative fund governance


Advice & intelligence for US managers going offshore or coming to Europe


ManCo intelligence & changes to European fund structures

IFI Global is a fund management research, media and event business for the asset management industry



IFI Global is building a podcast library for alternative fund business. Interviews are conducted with leaders in the industry including in fund & risk governance, ESG as well as in the range of areas covered by SIS: fund domiciliation, independent directors, ManCos & service providers

Latest Articles

Environmental risk

Paradoxically, as the ESG craze fades so the importance of environmental investing grows. Funds that cannot demonstrate that they have taken environmental risk factors into account will struggle to raise capital.

May 23

Climate VaR for boards

There’s been a lot of progress in measuring the impact of climate change on investors’ portfolios recently, particularly on physical assets. Climate VaR is emerging as the standard to assess climate risk.

May 23

Environmental indicator metrics

A look at how funds’ ESG investment objectives can be scored and tested in ways which should keep investors and regulators happy and thereby avoid the growing danger of litigation risk.

May 15

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IFI Global specialises in alternative asset management research. Areas of expertise include sustainable investing, digital asset management, fund structuring, domiciliation & governance. IFI Global conducts syndicated & proprietary research studies with institutional investors, family offices, fund managers & service providers.


IFI Global hosts approximately 20 in-person & online events for investors & managers in both Europe & the US each year.

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